Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Vault Rave - RP-LOG


The Vault - Sea of Damned Souls (NIGHTZONE)

This is an immense, cavernous room, and vastly crowded during its busy hours; flocking here from the time the sun dips below the horizon and until it rises at dawn are citizens from all walks of society - the goth-kid lounging against one of the twin staircase banisters; the woman in business attire at the cigarette vendor; the dapper gent checking his coat and fedora at the counter - they're all here.

Directly ahead of the entrance is an arched tunnel with rough-textured walls, the appearance of a cavern the desired effect. Lining the walls are patrons of the establishment: some fighting their way toward the dance floor; others fighting their way toward the door; more still choosing this as a place to talk and wait for a friend. On either side of the tunnel, the aforementioned staircases rise and curve from the ground to second floor. Dusky garnet-colored carpet covers each step; the banisters are left their natural, deep wood finish, save for a coat of lacquer to fend off daily wear and tear.


Dr. Gross
Off to one side, right by the entrance Alyssa and Rebecca are standing talking, looking over a flyer that Rebecca is holding. She folds it up and places it into the thin pocket of her skirt.

Celden 'slithers' into the Monolith, posing as a deformed, old man. A skull-topped cane made of ebony and black quartz clenched in his right hand. The skull itself is made of thick glass. The hideous male side steps into darkened corner near the entrance and eyes the others gathered with intense concentration.

Aly and Rebecca are hanging out near the entrance. Aly smiles at her friend and nods. "That's a good strategy," she agrees. "You want something to drink?"

"I guess it won't be bad to pick up some water, or some energy juice." Rebecca gives Aly a nod in reply then to her question. "Man I don't even know where one goes to get a drink, I haven't been in around here in ages." She glances around and notices Celden, since he's kind of hard to miss, a faint raise of one eyebrow and a glance towards Alyssa.

Aly takes Rebecca's hand and says, "Come on, let's go find a bar." She then pulls Rebecca off into the crowd, deeper into the club where the music is louder, base thumping through your chest in a steady techno beat. The area around the dance floor is dark, save for the flashing lights. The smells of alcohol, warm bodies, and more than one illegal drug fills the air. Aly and Rebecca find a bar and Aly moves up to it, getting a beer for herself and an energy drink for Rebecca. She hands the woman the bottle and smiles. "Her ya go, Sweetie," she calls over the music.

To prevent a repeat performance, security has ensured that no one walking into the Vault for tonight's party is bleeding, has small bombs strapped to their bodies or the like. What they're really concerned with is the financial status of those coming in. Do they look like they have money to spend? If so, they're allowed in. The music is pumping, the sound makes your teeth vibrate. The smell of sweaty bodies, synth-leather, fourteen kinds of cologne and perfume and sex fill the air.

Celden continues to stand 'sentry' beside the exit. He ignores the looks and sneers as his intent gaze wanders the ocean of patrons as if searching for someone. When he does scowl, it is not in response to any of the derogatory remarks regarding his appearance, no it is because the particular something, his quarry, is not present, "Dammit.. I hate ravens.."

Rebecca nods her head to Aly, glancing around the room at a few other things then she actually claps her hands together and does a little bounce hop something has her excited "Oh." She leans in and talks to Alyssa again then takes the other woman by the hand as the music starts thumping. "Come on, let's go..." to get drinks, because "I wanna dance."

Aly grins and sets her beer down on one of the tables, then heads out onto the dancefloor with Rebecca. She's graceful in her movements, even dancing to the hard techno beat, but she doesn't seem to have had any actual dancing lessons... it's just a natural fluidity. She's talking with Rebecca, smiling and nodding as they dance. Their words are drowned out by the crowd and the music.

Unseen. A new arrival makes their entrance into the rave. More attention is paid to the atmosphere and surroundings than the occupants at this time.

Celden taps his very expensive cane as if to show off to security that he is not poor and deserves to be here. One might wonder why his clothes are so ragged. However he does seem to fit in, considering that the garments are full of holes, he might be seen as a fringe culture member or some such. A seat is chosen at the bar, the social pariah finally coming into the black light. The bartender is hardly impressed, "You know what I want." The 'tender reaches beneath the counter and produces a label-less bottle of red liquid, twists off the cap, and extends the confection towards Celden, all the while never taking his eyes from the mutated 'creature.' Celden presses gray lips to the rim and gulps voraciously.

The music continues to churn as people thrust, grind and sweat to the heart-beat like music. Off to one side of the party, opposite the large Charon statue, is a rectangular dais built to raise an ornate throne off the ground. The dais is perhaps ten feet wide by twenty feet long - enough room so that someone could sit upon the throne and watch the comings and goings of the event. It appears to be the nerve center of the Rave as below and around the dais are men and women with data pads and lipstick mics

Upon the throne sits, for those who know him, Wyck. Gone is the cowboy goth motif and born a new in a simple black suit.

The two women can clearly pay their way into the joint. The perfect make up, the perfect outfits. They are the type that help sell Raves like this. Pretty girls who want to dance.

Rebecca makes her way into the crowd with Alyssa, with in moments her body is lost in the rhythm of the music. She lets the sound take over, move her like she's water in a stream. Tonight is a night to pray to the god of the dance, to let Bacchus have a chance at another taste of glory. As if a weight has been lifted from her, Rebecca becomes the music, the dance, flowing with the music, all her cares for the moment forgotten as the high of it all over takes her.

Emerging from a gathered group of people is Rivi. He peers from his one uncovered eye at the party at hand, a small smile featured upon his lips. The stones on his fingers gleam and shine as he reaches up to fix the front of his suit.

And dance Aly does. She moves on the floor with Rebecca, her neon green mesh top glowing under the black lights. She nods her head toward the throne and calls to Rebecca, "There's Wyck..."

Celden has already finished the bottle, a slight intoxication wearing off within seconds. A snort of disgust is emitted. All of these pretty things flaunting their perfect bodies. Nothing but lumps of fleshy husks in his opinion. Everything is hideous on the inside. The bestial horror grins at the lush women now, wondering which one he is going to take home to the sewers tonight.

Rebecca leans into Aly a bit, slowing in her dance, "This was a really good idea." Her face is glowing, and a big grin is on her face. She waves towards Wyck and tells Alyssa loudly, "Damn he actually looks really hot in a suit, but I would have gone for black instead of blue. Makes him look like a pimpister." She jokingly throws a little fake gang slang at Alyssa, laughs and goes back to dancing.

Aly laughs and nods. "All he needs is a big hat with a feather in it," she says. She waves toward the throne, though there's little chance she'll be seen in and amongst the crowd. "Maybe we should go say hi," she calls over the music.

He plays observer. Rivi hangs off to the side of the club and simply watches what happens and who does it. As one of club kids approach him asking for drugs he simply waves them off, he may look the part but at least for tonight he isn't holding.

Moving resolutely through the smokey, writhing tangle of slick limbs and thudding sound, Shodol pauses to look around at the scenery, expression flat, pasty-white and unchanging. The room is a dizzying kaleidoscope image of beating hearts and pulsing throats, and the creature takes its time in enjoying the scenery. Seeing the sights. Smelling the smells.

Rebecca shrugs her shoulders, "Okay." Actually it looks like she'd rather dance. She glances at the drug being passed around, and clearly snubs it with a disapproving glance. She does follow after Alyssa.

Aly waves off the dealers with the green vials. She takes Rebecca's hand and pushes her way through the crowd toward where Wyck is seated on his throne.

Celden snickers at the foolish wastes losing their minds, their sanity, and their lives. He can. and does, imagine what might be inside of the test tubes. But he won't assume anything, no one would be that crazy, or would they? His talons scrape across the bar as he creates a 'nails on chalkboard' effect which is drowned out by the bass booming. Blackened, rotted teeth become visible as a sinister grin spreads across his face.

The space around the 'throne' is a sea of aspirant Dj's wanting to get their mix heard. Some people are fielding requests, others listening to a sample of the mix to ensure that it would pass for tonight's party. Don't want Wayne Newton's greatest hits remixed with a club base track. The outcomes would be dangerous. As Aly and Rebecca approach the throne, Wyck turns his head to one of the two people who stand beside him. Immediately the man nods sharply and departs the 'stage' to step down and make a path for the two women to approach.

Dr. Gross enters the club. It's noisy and vastly crowded, and she makes use of pointy elbows to secure herself some room, a gloomy figure in black to match the decor, limping her way through the throng. She has a little black bag at her side. It's a purse, faux alligator, only she's glued a red cross sticker to it. As someone comes by carrying a test tube, she squints suspiciously at them, then holds out a bony hand.

Rebecca squeezes Aly's hand in order to keep from being parted from her companion, she gives an amused smile as the crowd parts and leans in to whisper something to Alyssa. She then smiles up at Wyck waving her free hand, "Quite a show you've got going here." She projects so he can hear her over the music.

Aly just shakes her head to whatever Rebecca said. She smiles as she moves up to Wyck. "Nice party," she calls over the music. "Congrats. Looks like a good turnout."

The flashing of lights causes the chameleon fabric of Rivi's suit to swirl in various colors. His eye turns towards Wyck as he steps down from the throne, seeing him currently occupied he pushes away from the wall and strolls out in to the mass of people. The offer of Myst is declined just as one of the clubbers on an early binge comes up and hangs on his shoulder while laughing hysterically. Rivi simply looks at her and heaves a sigh before shrugging her off and pushing further into the crowd.

Dr. Gross gives the Myst-seller a wary look and a few quick sniffs, not that scent is much of an improvement over sight and sound in this crowd. After hesitating, she digs into one of her many pockets and pulls out a small gray cred stick, which she fiddles with carefully, then hands over, pointing a finger at the vial.

Privately, Alyssa nods. "Water would be great," she says. "Quite a... diverse crowd here tonight," she comments. Her eyes, glowing red, blue, and green with her VR contacts, scan the room. "Even prepared, I still feel nervous."

Privately, Rebecca nods as well, "Water would be awesome." She pats Alyssa on the arm, "It will be fine. I doubt we have to really about trouble this time around?" She gives Wyck a look though.

The Myst-seller hands over one of the vials to Dr. Gross and turns to go about her business. She still has a fourth of a tray left and she's only made it a few feet away from where she started. The potency of the drink seems to be catching on as others are goaded into trying it as they dance.

Rebecca nods her head to something that Wyck said, and looks over the room with Alyssa before turning her attention back to the man on the throne. She pats her friends arm, like she's trying to reassure him, but at the same time seems to give Wyck a bit of a cautious once over.

On the dais, Wyck, Alyssa and Rebecca speak in close tones so as to be heard amid the crashing waves of sound. The 'guard' that collected them from the floor returns to his post beside the throne after having gathered some bottles of water for the guests. On either side of the throne two 'sitting stools' are brought out so that the women can sit and speak without having to kneel or bend over too much.

jason moves slowly through the crowd, a drink in each hand (held high to keep from spilling if he's jostled by other rave-goers) as he edges his way through. He glances at anyone especially interesting looking but for the most part he seems to be just moving from one end of the dance area to the other.

Shodol slowly descends through the sweaty press of flesh, the odors and excretions of a hundred different humans rubbing against its clothing and leathery skin as it moves past them. The creature maintains a facade of calmness as it endures the fluids and stenches of the frantic and fitful living, squeezing past them to stop at the bar. Where it leans forward, and beckons at a suddenly dazed bartender, who shuffles over and moves his head closer. The pale man places his face next to the others ear to be heard over the pounding music, and whispers in a voice thick with rot and malice. "The sprinkler systems. Where does your water supply connect to them?"

Alyssa smiles and nods to Rebecca. She takes the bottle of water, then sits on the stool provided.

Privately, Alyssa shakes her head as Rebecca pats her arm. "Probably not," she agrees. "Sorry, just feeling a little uneasy. When they aren't even taking steps to hide their appearances, it makes me wonder what they have in mind, is all."

Celden reasons that in the eyes of many of the clubbers, he probably looks like a supermodel. This idle, private joke is proven fact as a scantily dressed woman begins to lick his neck. Quite ironic considering Celdens 'life story.' The male lightly traces a dark talon across the top of her head and flashes another grin. The woman’s hallucination ends abruptly and she takes in the intoxicating terror in front of her. She screams, falls backwards, and reels towards Shodol, and might just collide with him should he not move out of the way..

The bartender, busy a he's ever been with all of these people, waves off the man's query about the water supply and simply waves him towards the man on the throne - not like he'd know such things about building maintenance.

Dr. Gross retrieves the small vial and peers at it. She doesn't drink it, she doesn't quaff it, she doesn't sip it. The vial is held under her nose, then it is held up to be seen through the glare of a strobe light, for a moment. Holding the thing carefully, close to her chest, the stooped young woman in black begins to hobble and nudge her way through the crowd to a darker, quieter corner.

Rebecca takes a bottle of provided water and cracks the top off it, lifting it towards their host in thanks, before taking a sip off it. She kind of rolls her eyes at Alyssa. Unlike her friend she doesn't sit, but rather falls back into the rhythm of the music, handing her water bottle towards Alyssa to hold on to so she's free to dance. Lucky for Wyck she's just the type of girl you'd want dancing up front. She mouths something at Alyssa.

Emerging from the other side of the crowd Rivi steps out not far from where security is keeping those back from the throne. Reaching into his pocket he withdraws a cred stick and hands it to one of the security guards as he whispers to him. A few moments later the guard nods and walks in the direction of Wyck. After the guard relays the message to Wyck a peace sign is flashed to the man by Rivi.

You paged Alyssa and Rebecca with 'Don't worry. I have taken precautions." His eyes subtly look skyward and those able to see beyond the thumping lights and speakers might see high-powered search lights fitted with UV emitters. Only a few of them because they're expensive, but possibly handy when the time comes. "You two should have a good time. Relax. What's the worst that could happen?"'.

A guard tells Wyck, "A man... Mr. Rivi would like to offer his congratulations to you for the success of your party. If you find time to speak with him he will be around for the night." After which he points out Rivi and pockets the cred chip.

Privately, Alyssa grins at Rebecca. "That's right. Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you," she says, winking. Wyck's statement makes her roll her eyes. "Famous last words," she says. "So what's the deal, Wyck? You were never a promoter before. Why the raves all of a sudden?" she asks.

Wyck answers simply, "Bait," and politely ushers them off stage as someone else needs a moment of his time.

Rebecca turns to study Rivi. Rebecca just smiles and continues to let the music move her. She waves at Wyck, "Have fun." And then taking Alyssa's hand (after freeing up her water) "Come on, just relax, we'll stay out of trouble." But she does lean into Alyssa and whisper something to her friend.

From up on the small stage, Wyck politely thanks the two women for their time and asks for his security to help clear a path so that they can leave. Eventually, once the people have been moved to the side, the next person, Rivi, is permitted to walk up the three our four steps to the 'throne'.

Aly smiles broadly then stands up as Wyck waves the two women off the stage. She waves to the man and takes rebecca's hand again, returning to the dance floor.

Upon receiving permission from the guards Rivi smiles and offers his thanks before heading up towards the throne. A hand is extended in the direction of Wyck as he bows his afro briefly in greeting, "Well on your way to King of LATMA..." He says with a bright smile revealing perfect teeth.

Rebecca hands off her water to a girl who really looks like she could use some while she and Alyssa continue their whispered conversation making their way back into the middle of the dance floor. It's easier not to be noticed talking when you are dancing close together. And so for the moment the women dance dangerously close.

Having been to one of these 'raves' before, Dr. Gross knows what to expect. She finds herself a quiet corner to lurk in, awkwardly hunched forward, and waits for interesting events to erupt, carefully setting her little black bag down on the floor for when it is needed. Then she studies the little vial again.

Someone collides with Shodol as he stands leaning over the bar. He turns quickly, a look of animalistic fury on his face at the sheer temerity of being purposely assaulted by one of the sheep. The panicking woman, her face turning towards him with her mouth fixed in an O of terror, reels back.

The pale man's lips writhe, and he utters a single venomous word. "Flee." The female's body stiffens, her face frozen a moment, and then she leaps back, tripping and falling to the floor. Feet kicking frantically under her, she pulls herself up and attempts to plow her way through the drug-addled mass of dancers, unintelligible words stuttering from her mouth.

Wyck speaks to the man that's come to pay him a visit, "Why thank you...sir?" He doesn't seem to recognize the face that much but there are a lot of people greeting him with praise tonight.'.

Mind you, the girls aren't really in the middle of the floor, they are a little way in front of the security line around Wyck. But well buffered from events happening on the edges of the crowd.

Celden can only 'hope' that the woman is kidnapped and murdered tonight. She is going to be his pet soon enough if she lives to see the end of this rave. The gnarled horror cannot help but grin. Perhaps tonight will yield him some pleasure after all.

After inspecting the little vial, Gross kneels and roots around in her bag, retrieving the cap from one of her own little vials that fits, more or less, over the vial of Myst, sealing the whole thing with some duct tape. Then she springs to her feet again, and burrows back into the crowd to bother another seller.

Security guards at the exit are alerted to the fleeing woman's panic-induced retreat. A pair of guys in the crowd instantly cease being part of the crowd and help her to the exit as though it were a practiced exercise. Without any outwardly visible sign of hostility, all they can do is remove the disruption and continue with the party.

"Crude." Rebecca says, but she shrugs her shoulders, stepping back and turning to face her friend "Come on, you where the one who told me I needed to lighten up, and now you are all..."

Aly scans the crowd as she dances with Rebecca. Her irises are rimmed with red, green, and blue light from her VR contacts, which fits in just about perfectly at the rave. She's smiling and nodding to Sarah, and the two are talking as they dance.

Jason catches sight of the girl being 'escorted' out. His brow furrows briefly as she's led by but after a few moments he grins and his lips move with an expulsion of breath. Probably a chuckle, though it's impossible to tell with all the other noise and confusion. He occasionally glances towards Wyck, who's so conspicuous up there, before moving across the floor again, both drinks still in hand and mostly full.

Rivi stands by the throne speaking with Wyck, the sound of the music making it impossible to make it out as they whisper back and forth.

The edges of the crowd, in a place such as this, are where people go to rest from the writhing mass of bodies at the center. With the amount of alcohol being consumed and sweated out, it's no wonder that people are starting to show signs of fatigue here and there. Some have chosen the immediate rush from a shot of Myst and so order another and another - keeping their body going as long as the music continues to beat stronger than their own withering lives. Here and there amongst the corners and 'save zones', some people have apparently taken a bit of a cat nap. Unable to or unwilling to will their bodies onward without a bit of rest to recharge them beyond what the glowing green elixir can provide.

Wyck notices Rivi thoroughly inspecting you before he leans in and replies, "We spoke on the phone, I was the one interested in promoting your parties." He adds, "You have got a good thing going here." He remarks before leaning back, his uncovered eye tracing your face.

"Lets dance." Rebecca is almost begging her friend to just move to the music. She holds on her hands for another moment and then lets them go. "I'm not drinking anything served in here tonight." She tells the other woman, and then takes a breath as if breathing in the beat. It moves through body, the limbs swaying to their own accord.

Celden shrugs softly. He could care less that the woman is gone. Searching for her location afterward will be a wasted effort and indeed is not worth his time. The Terror eyes Shodol with a grin, grateful that he isn't the only one who can take some semblance of pleasure in scaring mortal women.

Aly nods and slides against Rebecca, smiling. The two move to the thumping beat of the music, and Aly's smiling and laughing as they talk.

Dr. Gross corners a seller in some dark recess of the club and insists, creepily, on another vial of Myst, spindly fingers pointing and gesturing in grotesque ways, her wiry body agitated by a potentially infectious bout of cough. The seller is terrified, or at least mildly put off. Money is exchanged, and the pale woman returns to her chosen lurking spot. There, with a shifty glance around, she imbibes the content of the vial and stares around, head jerking rapidly from side to side, angular twisted figure twitching against the wall.

Shodol looks back at the creature returning the grin with an expressionless stare. He abruptly moves away from the counter, striding across the intervening space between them. A fluidly writhing woman with an expression of dazed bliss on her face pulls at his arm as he passes, and he takes hold of her hand in a cold bruising grip, dragging her with him to stop in front of Celden. "You." His words are difficult to make out over the throbbing music, and he speaks louder. "You, the dirty one. Assist me in finding the water system for the fire sprinklers." He speaks even louder as the current song takes on an annoying, pounding bass solo. "Hilarity will ensue."

Wyck glances up to Rivi while they're speaking. At the same time as the 'feeling' comes over him - Wyck's eyes darken to opalescent black pools. Just for a moment, his eyes turn shiny black, almost like a second set of eye-lids, and then back to normal.

Taking note of the eyes Rivi breaks into a smile and pats your (Wyck's) shoulder, "We all have secrets my friend, no judgment." He motions an arm out to the party, "Keep it up and we'll make you rule LATMA, I want you to talk with me as soon as you can. Just a talk, I expect no obligation."

The music continues to thrum. People continue to dance. Several of the Myst-sellers are making their third and fourth trips out into the crowd. Security has started to 'help' people outside who have crashed and passed out from too much 'fun'. What they do when they're outside is up to them or their friends.

Celden nods softly. There is no need for either himself of Shodol to exchange pleasantries, "What exactly do you have in mind friend?"

Though dressed for the occasion, Stuart really doesn't fit in here. He totally ignores the music as he walks towards the bar, easily weaving his way through people, and shoving them a bit when absolutely necessary. He arrives at the bar.

The shift in Rebecca is subtle, as if for a moment, a brief shattering of a second she went stiff. When she moves again her movements are a bit more calculated, as of she is now putting though into them. Her eyes begin to focus on a spot across the room. Only for a moment, before looking at Wyck and muttering to Alyssa.

The 'King' nods to Rivi from up on the stage, their conversations seemingly having been concluded. Standing from his Throne, Wyck straightens his jacket and mutters something to the guards beside him as he seems to be taking a break from being on public display. Must be all that water he's drinking.

A parting salute is given by Rivi as he steps down from the throne area and wanders back into the crowd. The man in the chameleon suit strolls past the people dancing, his eye taking particular interest in those under the influence of Myst.

Rebecca glances over her shoulder at Wyck, a look of concern on her face. Alyssa has to tug her along, she stumbles, but doesn't fall, still watching Wyck. She doesn't think to mask the worry on her face.

Whatever the Myst does, it's agitating Dr. Gross in a corner. She doesn't dance, not as such, but she does rock rather rapidly back and forth where she stands, hands distractedly scratching all over herself. Her swollen eyes are open wide, face held up, jaw a little slack as she stares at all the glowing and shifting lights.

>As Security begins to remove people that have fallen asleep from the club, others start to drift into slumber here and there. The gathering of people at the center of the room grows thinner and thinner. The rave seems to be winding up hours before it was intended but people find themselves sleepy beyond measure and the Myst isn't keeping them as awake as they had hoped. They start to leave by ones and twos here and there leaving those people that they met to sleep it off for a while in a quiet corner.

Aly's dragging Rebecca toward the door. She's looking back at you as well, though, as she fights her way through the crowd.

The music is just too loud, and Shodol hesitates, pulling the giggling female closer to him. There are too many people moving and shouting and laughing and dancing. His clothing and skin are covered in human excretions and human perfumes from the jostling crowd. His body temperature rises as the stifling heat of the surroundings warms his dead flesh, a detestable and unnerving sensation. Like dying in reverse. And for some reason he's starting to get tired. A glance back at Celden. "Never mind." He stares with a disgusted look around him. "Hilarity will have to wait." He yanks on the female, who for some reason is starting to doze in his grip. He lets her drop on the floor, then begins to stalk towards the exit.

Rebecca stops short, making Alyssa stop or leave her behind. She whispers fiercely to her friend, pointing back over her shoulder towards Wyck. She nods her head to something the other woman says, as if in agreement. "I will." And then heads for the door. She stops just at the entrance, turning around to see Alyssa's progress, and where Wyck is as well. She does give Rivi a brief glance, frowning a bit, but turns back to track her friends.

Jason slows in his wandering as the crowd thins out. Suddenly able to move much faster, he instead pauses for a few moments. Finally he jerks into motion again, turning to follow a pair of girls towards the outskirts of the crowd. But while they continue on to leave the party altogether, Jason veers off towards one of the bars. At the end of the line, he turns and glances around at the remaining crowd.

The thinned crowd is noted as Rivi turns and begins moving back further in the club straight past the groups heading out. He seems to be headed to a particular destination...

Aly nods to Rebecca and sends her toward the door, then turns and starts pushing her way back toward Wyck. She has to fight the crowd a little, and fishes out her cell phone as she moves.

Celden nods slowly, wondering still why tiredness had begun to creep up. He had spoken too soon. The tiredness has come back, although there is no telling how long it will be before he drops to the ground in slumber. What could possibly be this potent?

From the ground level, Wyck's a bit harder to single out than before, but the people still dance in the center, oblivious as to what's happening to the others who 'just can't take it'. The supply of Myst is checked and the larger containers and the small pellets of dry ice used to create the fog haven't been tampered with. Wyck withdraws a pair of sunglasses and dons them as several people look to him for their instructions. Could it be a reaction to the drink or something else. Either way, someone's screwing with his party.

Aly fights her way through until the crowd starts to thin, then she moves up to Wyck and takes a hold of his arm. She speaks quietly into his ear.

Celden can hardly stay awake now. His eyelids are heavy, threatening to jam shut any second. Not wanting to be handled by the guards, he slowly drags himself through the crowds, finding a dark corner to slump down into. He invokes the shadows, which cloak around him in a cold embrace. In the eyes of those gathered, he is gone.

Rivi looks to Alyssa and holds up a hand for her to stop, his eye turning to Wyck, "The fuck... You need to watch yourself." He says to the man, his gaze briefly moves back to Alyssa, "You a friend of his?"

The rush of energy suddenly leaves Dr. Gross, her bewildered eyes start to slide shut under heavy eyelids. Struggling, she blinks them open, forcefully, and forces herself to stay on two feet, bending down jerkily to retrieve her bag, head shaking rapidly from side to side as she attempts to fight off the drowsiness, gaze turning towards the exit.

Alyssa nods to Rivi. "Yeah. My other friend is worried, wants me to get him out of here. What the hell is that?" she asks, referring to the mojo that's making everyone go loopy. "Whatever it is, it seems to be coming from your grim reaper over there," she says, jerking her head toward the statue of Charon.

Celden loses his shroud as the slumber conquers him. It was his last hope to remain unseen but alas, he cannot hold such a cloak while asleep.

As people doze left and right around him, Shodol moves quickly towards the exit, a snarl fixed on his face. Looking this way and that, searching the strobe-infested depths of the room for signs of hidden assailants, he takes hold of a staggering female, propping her up into a painful standing position. "You. We're going to your apartment. We're going to commit intercourse multiple times and pursue a meaningful relationship together. Call us a taxi." The woman just smiles sleepily, and he pulls her towards the exit.

Rebecca still lingers at the door. She steps aside for Dr. Gross, but seeming to feel that whatever had caused the alarm has passed she is reluctant to leave her friends behind. Indecision pulls at her, keeping her firmly planted. Then out of the corner of her eye she noticed a shape that she thought was a shadow before. Rolling her eyes, and throwing up her hands she makes her way over to Celden. Kneeling next to him she shakes him firmly. "Mister mister wake up..." She mutter something under her breath.

Celden awakens from sleep abruptly. Something has awakened him. His gaze travels to Rebecca, "Who the Hell are you?"

Whatever is going on around him, seems like Stuart just wants a drink. He orders one before watching the various bits of eye candy around the room.

"You need to wake up, and get out of here right now." Rebecca instructs firmly pulling him up. "Right now. We don't have time to talk about it... look your friend is leaving." She motions towards where Shodol is vanishing.

Celden scowls and curses something inaudible. How could he have been so foolish? Sleeping here? Damnable! He drags himself up and begins to head toward the exit.

Alyssa nods to Rivi and takes a firm hold on Wyck's arm. "Come on, we're leaving," She says to him, and starts pulling him toward the exit.

Wyck is literally caught between Rivi and Alyssa's grip; the two having words for him and gripping his arms tightly to ensure that they can have his full attention as they speak. Deciding that now is the best time to be elsewhere and let the clean up crew deal with those who are sleeping it off, Wyck turns to leave as patron near Celden spies his true visage and lets out a blood-curdling scream.

Rivi steps away and let's Alyssa march off with Wyck, his uncovered eye watches them exit before he turns and begins to head for the restrooms.

Celden dashes from the club, shoving a limping, but tired raver out of the way.

Alyssa gets a tighter hold on Wyck as he starts screaming like a little girl. She continues pushing him toward the exit. Her eyes widen as she sees Rebecca by Celden. As Celden leaves Rebecca's side, Aly shakes her head and pulls Wyck over in her direction so she can shepherd Rebecca out as well. "You were supposed to be gone already," she scolds the woman as she reaches her. "Come on."

Security guards continue to try and get people who have dozed off to stand up and leave. Sometimes they have to carry them, others they just have to poke a few times. Friends try 'back-packing' their comrades out in the usual fireman position, others try and manage as best they can. Still, there must be two dozen sleeping forms stashed all around the perimeter of the room as the rave starts to wind down to a crawl.

Wyck leaves with Aly, having instructed one of his helpers to stay until the party is cleaned up.

Celden's 'friend' turns back briefly to glare at the room, where the bass pounds and the strobe lights flash eerily over the sleeping bodies of ravers. He then whaps his female companion on the back of the head to keep her awake and moves out into the night.

"Sorry." Rebecca tells Alyssa, "I just couldn't leave you here, you know that." She heads out with her friends, letting Alyssa Shepard her out to safety of the streets.

"Is that an insect bite? Sleeping sickness is unusual at this latitude." Gross wheezes here and there as she elbows and pushes her way through the crowd towards the exit.

Jason blinks a few times as if to clear his head, staring as the rave seems to be winding down, in the most peaceful unravelike ending possible. He notices Dr. Gross heading towards the exit, expression at first flat and then thoughtful. He looks at Celden and the others, then begins drifting towards the exit as well.

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